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Convenient full-service location for Hairstyling and Esthetics

Experienced Professionals

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Ammonia- Free
Hair colour
Healthy Alternative Nail Product
The only product with a 5 star safety rating with the benefit of adding length and strength. Bio-sculpture gel is the first everlasting manicure. The recent addition to the Bio-sculpture company is "Evo",  the medical grade gel polish that allows oxygen to the natural nail.
An amazing ammonia-free hair color that covers grey and lifts up to 5 levels with over 100 shades for artistic fredom.
Gentle odor products and evolved techniques by skilled professionals

Our mission is to provide quality services in the cleanest possible air for nails and hair.

Our lounge is designed with your social life in mind. Our manicures, pedicures and salon chairs are set up so that you can sit side by side when you book your appointment with another person, because getting beautiful should be fun!